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Publikation zu Cloud Computing Continuance im renommierten Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application


Das Forscherteam um Sebastian Walther, Nils Urbach, Torsten Eymann (Universität Bayreuth), Darshana Sedera (Queensland University of Technology), Saonee Sarker (University of Virginia) und Boris Otto (TU Dortmund) freut sich über die Annahme des Beitrags „Should We Stay or Should We Go? Analyzing Continuance of Cloud Enterprise Systems“ im renommierten Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application.

Abstract: As cloud computing has become a mature technology broadly being adopted by companies across all industries, cloud service providers are increasingly turning their attention to retaining their customers. However, only little research has been conducted on investigating the antecedents of service continuance in an organizational context. To address this gap in research, we carried out a quantitative-empirical study. We developed a conceptual model that builds on previous research on organizational level continuance. We tested this model, using survey data gathered from decision makers of companies which have adopted cloud enterprise systems. The data was analyzed using PLS. The results show that continuance intention can be predicted both by socio-organizational and technology-related factors, explaining 55.9% of the dependent variable’s variance. Besides cloud specific findings, the study also enhances knowledge in organizational level system continuance as well as its connection to IS success.

Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. Nils Urbach

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