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Call for Papers: AMCIS 2017 - Minitrack "Shadow IT: Threat or Opportunity"

Aushang vom 08.01.2017

Professor Nils Urbach will serve as minitrack chair of the AMCIS 2017 minitrack "Shadow IT: Threat or Opportunity" together with Markus Westner from OTH Regensburg and Christopher Rentrop from HTWG Konstanz. AMCIS, a preeminent information systems research conference, conducted under the auspices of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), attracts 1000 or more attendees from North America, as well as other regions of the world.

Call for Papers

 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)

 Minitrack "Shadow IT: Threat or Opportunity?" (SIGOSRA)

 August 10-12, 2017, Boston, MA (https://amcis2017.aisnet.org/)

Minitrack Description

Shadow IT is a widespread phenomenon and includes systems, services, and processes that are not part of the “official” corporate IT. Existing research recognizes negative aspects of the phenomenon such as security, compliance, and efficiency issues but also potential advantages such as faster technical innovation and flexibility. Estimations indicate a large extent of dissemination of the shadow IT in organizations and trends such as consumerization and cloud computing are reinforcing this. Despite its relevance in businesses, the topic is still an emerging research area and only slowly gaining traction. This minitrack aims to discuss different facets and characteristics of the shadow IT phenomenon and the resulting transformational challenges and opportunities it generates for the use of IS in organizations.

Call for Papers

In digital transformation, customers and IS users drive the use and adoption of IS. Shadow IT is end-user or business-unit-driven IT because it is autonomously deployed by individuals in companies or business units without involving corporate IT. Shadow IT reveals new demand and supply structures with regard to IS in corporations and it fundamentally changes the role of the corporate IT department and its relationship to the rest of the organization. Consequently, we strongly encourage researchers to submit studies covering the diverse issues concerning and arising from shadow IT. Both, qualitative and quantitative research papers are welcome.

Research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Facets and characteristics of shadow IT
  • Individual and organizational drivers of shadow IT
  • Positive and negative consequences of shadow IT for the individual and the organization
  • Shadow IT as catalyst for innovation
  • Risks associated with shadow IT
  • Governance and management models for coping with shadow IT
  • Compliance perspectives on shadow IT



  • January 9, 2017: Manuscript submissions for AMCIS 2017 begins
  • March 1, 2017: Manuscript submissions for AMCIS 2017 closes at 01:00pm EST
  • April 17, 2017: Authors notified about the disposition of their papers

Minitrack Chairs

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